The Real House Pugs of the Hamptons: An Interview with Otis and Milo

Interview with Otis and Milo, pawty pugs
Ready to pawty!

Everyone in the puggerhood knows there ain’t no pawty like a Walsh pug pawty! The Walsh brothers, Otis and Milo, are two fabulous pugs who live in South Hampton, NY. These ridiculously handsome boys are all about the 3 P’s: pals, popping bottles, and pawties!

They throw the best pawties on the East Coast, so who better to invite to Pug Camp than these boys? They’ll be hosting a pawty on Saturday night with their friends! This is sure to be an event you won’t want to miss. Come for the day, or stay for the entire weekend—the more wrinkles, the merrier! Register HERE.

We sat down with them to ask a few questions about fashion, traveling, and their big plans for Pug Camp!

You’re two brothers who love summer, swimming, and hanging out with friends! What are your other hobbies?

We enjoy playing with our cats, particularly Milo who adores our new kitten, Minka.  Those two are always at it, and Milo makes a regular appearance on her new Instagram account. We also really enjoy road tripping. We love getting into our bags, especially me, Otis. I have been a bag dog since my puglet days, and hit the road even if just to go to NYC for a night or two to stay in our usual hotel. We love new surroundings and exploring different cities and locales. In the summer, Milo has a very strange fascination for barking his head off and chasing private planes and helicopters that he hears overhead as he runs through the backyard like a lunatic.

Milo the pug pawties with bubbly
What’s a pawty without some bubbly?

What does a perfect day in the life of Otis and Milo look like?

A perfect day is getting up late as we’re pretty lazy. We then saunter into the kitchen where we inspect cat food bowls before even going out for our walk. A good day would be some tasty cat food leftovers we can clean up. Then, of course, we have our breakfast, and on sunny summer days you’ll find us in our poolside pug office where all things pug takes place. Even more perfect is when there is a UPS or FedEx delivery so we can bark our heads off and greet our delivery guys. The pool guy is a real treat as we like to chase him around with all his equipment.

You boys are not ones to shy away from adventure, and we’ve seen you go everywhere from Nashville to D.C. What’s your favorite place to travel to?

We love going up to Stowe, Vermont in the winter, because the hotel we stay at is so dog friendly, and we love the snow. Milo is fascinated with the ice skating rink and always insists on going on the ice and skating with the kids there. We also like hanging out in the lodge après ski like the pug ski bums we have become (and plan on being again this winter).

Otis was living the solo pug life until Milo joined the family a year ago. How was it going from being an only pug to having a sibling?

Otis and Milo, pug fashionistas
It’s called fashion, look it up!

It has been a dream having Milo join the family as he has added an entirely new element to my life. He is not just my little brother and shadow but my best friend, too. We do everything together, but he learned quickly that my food bowl is off limits while I’m eating; otherwise, we share pretty much everything else. He is fairly independent compared to me—being the Velcro pug that I am—so we never have to fight for who gets Mom and Dad’s pillow at night. He also likes being the center of attention, which means I only make limited appearances on my own social media accounts these days. But that’s fine with me. He can be the taco wearing, stuffed like a sausage into a tight Santa suit, and sunflower in the summer in those silly costumes that he doesn’t seem to mind wearing.

You both have wardrobes that would make any pug—or non-pug—jealous. What’s your favorite outfit these days? 

So hard to say as we adore all the outfits we purchase. We particularly love all our Mollyspawtique and Curly Tail Ties bow ties, Blind But Not, Arf Scarf, and Crafty Hong Sisters Knit Scarves, All You Need is Pug knit hats, Swirly Queen Designs and The Very Distinguished Pug Company bespoke harnesses, Pupstarsonoma hats, and Stylish Bisou custom shirts.

Otis the pug is ready for Pug Camp
Ready for camp!

What are you most looking forward to at Pug Camp?

Being able to see all our amazing pug friends from near and far and co-hosting the Cocktail Pawty on Saturday night. Nothing beats partying with a grumble of pawty pugs!

You boys know how to throw a party! What can we expect from your Pug Camp cocktail pug party?

We plan on having lots of tasty food, wine, beer, and even Bowser’s Beer for us pugs. But we also plan on showing our moves on the dance floor.

The Pug Party proceeds are going to rescue, just like all of the other Pug Camp events. Which rescue will yours benefit?

Pug Rescue of New England (PRONE). Our good friends the Pugdashians are volunteers for that rescue and are ardent supporters of their good work. They also came to our first #PugsTakeBoston event, and we enjoyed meeting some of their amazing volunteers and rescue pugs that came to socialize too.

Tell us one thing people don’t know about you two. 

We are getting another little brother next year to complete our grumble, so stay tuned for even more Walsh Family Madness!