Featured Rescue: Wyoming Pug Rescue

Wyoming Pug Rescue (WPR) is in its first year of operation, and they have already rescued 18 pugs! They rescue pugs of all ages—from puppies to seniors in need of end-of-life care—across the state of Wyoming. Their founder, Dani Schafer, is doing a lot of work on her own, taking in pugs with medical issues and working hard to raise funds on a case by case basis. We know all too well what it’s like to be a non-profit startup, so we decided to give Wyoming Pug Rescue a boost with a $1,000 mini grant from the money we raised at Pugapalooza 2017.

An Interview with Wyoming Pug Rescue

What’s one of your greatest success stories?
Wyoming Pug RescueKimmie. I received a call from a friend who found a 15-year-old pug in a shelter by herself, very withdrawn. I drove three hours each way to get her. When I arrived, my heart broke. Kimmie was completely blind and scared to death. She came in with a male, but they adopted him out. He was the only familiar thing she had. I honestly wasn’t sure she was going to make it to the vet. When we arrived my worst fears were confirmed. Her jaw was broken in two places, she had multiple broken ribs, and many other horrible injuries. She was severely abused, which caused her to be mean. She snapped at everything out of fear.

In our care, Kimmie received medical attention and a ton of love as she was fostered in my home. She became my buddy. We were together 24/7. Kimmie knew love—and how I loved that little one. She could relax and cuddle. She gave me kisses. I only had her a very short three months, but I know in my heart that was the best three months of that little girl’s life. She succumbed to all her injuries, but she did know unconditional love and that not everyone was there to hurt her. My heart will always hold a special place for Kimmie.

How You Can Help WPR

What is the biggest challenge your rescue faces?
Fosters. We can never have enough fosters.

What is one thing you want people to know about animal rescue?
It is so hard but so rewarding. So many people say, “I could never do that. I would get too attached.” Trust me, every single pug takes a little piece of my heart, but the success stories make it all worthwhile. We are their voice. And they need a voice.

What do you love about volunteering for a rescue?
All the wonderful people I meet and seeing all the good that actually exists in this world that you don’t hear about. The pug community is a very tight knit community and an amazing group of people. And, of course, seeing the success stories of the little ones we help.

How can people help your rescue or the rescue community overall?
Foster, foster, foster. There are so many babies out there needing rescue, and every rescue needs a foster. Also volunteer. Volunteer to transport, volunteer to walk dogs, volunteer to help out with fundraisers. It takes a village, and every volunteer helps!!

If you live in Wyoming and want to volunteer or foster for Wyoming Pug Rescue, Dani would love to hear from you!

Wyoming Pug Rescue

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