Year Eight came to us with a share of new challenges. First, we had a Board Member step down around Christmas. Then we were told by Camp Westmont that the 2024 schedule this year would cut back our time by a day. So if we wanted to keep our traditional weekend, we would have to lose Thursday. Not only would this put on a lot more pressure to get campers situated while we ourselves were arriving, we would be losing a full day of fundraising.

After considering an unpleasant option or two, we decided to move the event at the start of the season rather than the end, which cut our prep time down by nearly three months.


Changing that schedule cost us a good number of our regulars who travel from long distances and had committed to another event scheduled the week before. It was a gamble, but we hoped the change would open us up to people who had never been able to attend previously. We operated on that assumption and proceeded to plan the event calendar. Taking some camper suggestions to heart, we packed the schedule with events, shortened the running times of a few and made a few more changes while we were at it. Utilizing the Boy’s Camp to consolidate attendees and events, putting arrivals and auction drop offs in the same place and generally keeping everything livelier. The weekend arrived and we hoped for the best.

Actually, to be more accurate, we planned for the best. We wanted this to be our best Pug Camp Ever.

“That’s a tall order…”

Well, if you ask just about anyone, we accomplished it!

The weekend was a whirlwind of activities and, as usual, rain. But everyone remained in high spirits and, just as we hoped, we welcomed a great many new attendees. People who never had a chance to experience Pug Camp first hand were able to make the trip and everyone had a wonderful time!

“Price, one belly rub.”

We had eleven rescues running different events, with some new activities complimenting our usual favorites. We even had two meet and greets, which we felt was very important since we had so many new Campers.

The costume contest was great fun and some of this year’s outfits gave me belly laughs. The mimosa cart was, as always, super popular. We had Pebble Art, Pug Trivia, the Olympics and even a Hoedown!

As usual, the Camp Westmont staff took amazing care of us. We usually close out the season, this year we kicked it off and they were a little short handed. You’d never know it. Scott and Bari were on hand whenever we needed them, always happy to help or stop and chat. Of course, it wouldn’t be Pug Camp without Chef Cathy giving us the kind of food that nobody expect at an event like this. It’s always fun to see and hear the reactions of first timers as they walk out with Pasta Alfredo.

It’s truly amazing how everything fell into place and how everyone rallied to make it such an incredible event. The silent auction was a success, even battling dodgy Poconos wi-fi, but luckily, we had our crackerjack tech support on the job.

We even had a couple of special adoptions this time around. Dani Shafer of Wyoming Pug Rescue trucked a couple of Pugs cross country and united them with their new forever families. Marissa Perry and Peggy were happily united.

Not to mention Liberace, who found his home with me and Jodi.

He was a surrender from Las Vegas (hence his new name) and he immediately fit right in with his sibs Phoebe and Mugsy. Thank you so much, Dani. He’s such a loveable chonk who is the perfect McIntyre Pug!


It was an exhilarating weekend filled with love of pugs, camaraderie and fun, with so many long-time campers telling us it was our best Camp so far. Our new attendees were so thrilled to discover us and they, and we, hope they can come next year when we move back to our regular perch in August 2025. Where we hope to have record breaking attendance with both old and new friends!

Every year we strive to raise more money for rescues than the year before. Sometimes we do and sometimes it’s a struggle. This year, though, we shattered previous records and raised over $40,000.00 for Pug Squad and the participating rescues. That’s over $10k more than the previous year and when you consider we started in year one with around $15k, this is an insane number….with fewer attendees to boot! Not only do the participating rescues get to raise funds, but Pug Squad was able to replenish funds so we can continue to award grants to rescues nationwide throughout the year.

We couldn’t do this without the help of the rescues, donors, attendees and volunteers. We also want to give a huge shout out to new Pug Squad volunteers Carlene, Jamie and Joe, who were really instrumental in the planning and execution of the weekend. I personally want to extend my love and gratitude to my Squad. A finer group of people I have never met. You make this fun and I love you all.

See you all in August 2025!