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Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis, Pug Rescues Are Counting on Us

Pug Squad COVID19

Pug Squad COVID19

Nonprofits including pug rescues are being greatly impacted by the current international COVID-19 pandemic. Many organizations are being forced to postpone or cancel their upcoming fundraising events.

Making the decision to cancel important fundraising events to protect cherished supporters and the community at large is difficult enough, but then there is the added challenge of a rescue’s financial ability to continue supporting the pugs currently in their care and the ones that will need help in the future.

The coronavirus will not deter Pug Squad’s efforts to help pug rescues and pugs in need. Pug lover’s like you have sustained Pug Squad’s work with pug rescues for more than three years. We recognize this is an uncertain time, but we sincerely hope you will continue your support of our organization and pug rescues nationwide. Please consider making a contribution to one of the following pug rescues and help our community when they need it most.

Together we can weather this challenge – the pugs needing help are counting on us!