Featured Rescue: MOPS Pug Rescue & Adoption

Featured Rescue - MOPS Pug Rescue
Former puppy mill rescue, Annie, found her forever home through MOPS

Pug Squad’s fall online auction is benefitting this month’s featured pug rescue, MOPS Pug Rescue & Adoption. Based in Wheaton, IL, MOPS (which stands for Making Our Pugs Safe) is a non-profit rescue serving the state of Illinois and surrounding areas.

MOPS’ President and founder, Linda Elwood, tells us more about the rescue and why your participation in our fall auction will make a huge difference for a small rescue like them. Even small rescues incur BIG vet bills for the pugs they take in.

An Interview with MOPS Pug Rescue 

What makes your rescue unique?
We feel since we only take in pure bred pugs we know the special needs that a pug can have. We are a small rescue with only a few people helping out when they can. So, we are not large like other rescues, which helps keep things in order.

What’s one of your greatest success stories?
I think all of our rescued pug stories are a success! We’ve had bladder stone pugs, liver shunt pugs, a pregnant pug that delivered seven live pups, mange pugs, blind and deaf pugs—pretty much everything now. I love all of these babies that come in needing us, so in all honesty it is really hard to pick one. I have been rescuing pugs since 2000 and hold a ton in my heart.

What is the biggest challenge your rescue faces?
Trying to get potential adopters to understand that the $300 adoption cost is NOTHING compared to today’s vet costs that we put out. Another big challenge is fundraising for donations.

What is one thing you want people to know about animal rescue?
That we cannot save them all, however much we would like to. It is hard.

How can people help your rescue or the rescue community overall?
There are so many ways folks can support MOPS: home visits, transportation, donations, coming out to events for support.

Featured Rescue: MOPS Pug Rescue
Snuggling puppies from the litter of MOPS puppy mill rescues, Dory and Nemo

Get Involved with MOPS Pug Rescue & Adoption

If you want to volunteer with MOPS, you can email Linda directly. MOPS also gratefully accepts donations via PayPal using the email gotpug21@yahoo.com or checks sent to:

MOPS Pug Rescue
1125 S. Washington Street
Wheaton, IL 60189

Our fall online auction to benefit MOPS runs from September 22-29. We hope to see you there!





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