The First Ever Pug Camp Was A Fun-Filled Weekend

Pug Camp Group Photo
After dinner Saturday, everyone in attendance gathered for a group photo on the deck of the Activity Center.

Pug Camp bannerIn the mountains of Lakewood, PA, pugs and their humans gathered for the first annual Pug Camp. Arriving over several hours on Friday, our pug campers came ready to enjoy a pug-filled weekend of fun. With the sun shining and the pugs panting, arrivals checked in, got their goodie bag, and headed to their room or bunk.

We lucked out with absolutely perfect pug weather. Sunny skies and cool breezes kept everyone smiling throughout the entire weekend. I don’t think the mimosa cart hurt either!

Friday evening’s activities included the Curly Tail Coffee co-hosted Meet & Mingle to benefit Pug Squad. A perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other a little. Adult coffee beverages, including Pugibu Beach, Mother Pugger Pie, Luck of the Pugish, and Drunken White Pug. The evening was capped off with pug trivia bingo to benefit Short Noses Only Rescue Team (SNORT).

Pug Camp Silent AuctionSaturday morning started with Doga (that’s dog-yoga) before breakfast. Pugs know, there is nothing like a good stretch to start the day!

The silent auction opened in the Rec Hall, and campers were able to browse the incredible selection of items donated (more than 120!). Everything from Disney theme park passes to a custom made photo quilt, there were truly some fabulous items!

Pug Camp Pug OlympicsThe day really got moving with the Pug Olympics to benefit Wyoming Pug Rescue. Winners beamed proudly as they received their trophies for Pug Race*, Best Carrier, Limbo, Curliest Tail, Best Trick, Longest Kiss, and Tricks With Treats.

Pug Camp ball pit partyThen it was time for the ball pit and kiddie pool party by the Rec Hall. Owen the Curmudgeon signed books while the pugs frolicked and the humans shopped and bid on their favorite items in the silent auction.

Pug Camp Crafting With The Hong SistersSaturday afternoon brought the incredibly popular “Crafting With The Hong Sisters” to benefit Pug Rescue of New England. Crafters decorated photo frames and created their very own pug dolls.

The afternoon was capped off with the Costume Contest and photo shoot to benefit Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles. Pugs participated in Most Original, Most Creative, Funniest, Best Human/Dog Combo
Greatest Grumble (3 or more), Best Senior or Special Needs, and Cutest Puppy.

Then it was time for the Cocktail party to benefit Pug Rescue of New England, hosted by Carolee Walsh with Otis and Milo | Instagram: @otisthepugwalsh, Yvonne Vecchione with Molly | Instagram: @mollyvecc, Jane Cottrell with Bodie & Spanky | Instagram: @bodiespanky, Lori Sirois with Sissy, Cuppy, & Tilly | Instagram: @pugdashians, Deb Cabrera with Giles & Nigel | Instagram: @gilesthepug, Karen Whitley with Ella & Georgie | Instagram: @ellathepuggriffon

The silent auction ended, and winners collected their spoils.

Then it was time to get into jammies and hit the hay.

Sunday mornings are meant for staying in your jammies, so we figured why not make a Cutest Pug Pajama Contest to benefit Guardian Angel’s Pug Rescue. Pugs big and small gathered in the Activity Center after breakfast still wiping sleep from their eyes.

Pug Camp Will My Pug Eat ThatThe final activity of Pug Camp was “Will My Pug Eat That?” to benefit S.N.O.R.T., which proved once again that most pugs will eat anything. The contest ended in a draw, with six contestants still standing. Wait until next year, pugs!

Then it was time to say goodbye.

Pug Camp was a huge success! Not only did everyone have fun and enjoy the incredible scenery and weather, but we all raised almost $13,000 for the participating rescues. WOW!

As sad as we are that Pug Camp is over, we can start dreaming about the next Pug Camp, August 24-26, 2018. Sign up for the newsletter, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the news. Registrations will open in just a few months, and the private rooms go fast!

The Pug Camp Yearbook is now ready to order!