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World Book Day: Pug Tales For Adults

World Book Day: pug reading a book

Today is World Book Day, so it seemed like a great opportunity to share some pug themed books. Pugs make great characters because they have so much…character. See, it says it right there!
This list consists of novels and stories, so we didn’t include the amazing picture & photo books that are also available. Hopefully we can post those in the future! Maybe you can put a few of these on your summer reading list?

Have a great pug book you want to share? Feel free to leave it in the comments.

Clara: The Story of the Pug Who Ruled my Life
Once a pug owner, always a pug owner–or so thought Margo Kaufman, having shared her home with the lovable snub-faced imps since her college days. But it was not until the 1992 arrival of Clara–petite, imperious, whip-smart, and seductive–that Margo found what it meant to be a pug parent: that a pug could rule her life, and perhaps the world as well.

Pug Hill
For Holly Golightly, there was always Tiffany’s. For me, there’s always Pug Hill. For as long as I’ve lived in New York, whenever I’ve just wanted to think, or relax, or be happy, or even sad, my destination of choice has been, without fail, Pug Hill.

Pug Actually
A Dog’s Purpose meets The Happy Ever After Playlist in this charming, pitch-perfect take on relationships as seen through the eyes of a wise pug named Doug, who is determined to play cupid to fix his owner’s love life with his own four paws.

Pugs In A Blanket
When Sam comes home one day to find two mystery pugs left on her porch, she’s sure it’s destiny. She’s always wanted a dog of her own, even though her parents say that their catering business keeps the family too busy for a pet — let alone two! But Sam has to take in the sweet, abandoned pups . . . at least until their real owners turn up.

Pugs and Prejudice
This book has everything you adored about Jane Austen’s classic novel – the wit, the warmth, the love story – with everything the original lacked – namely, a colourful cast of adorable pugs dressed head to paw in Georgian clothing.

Battle Pug
Join the last Kinmundian and his faithful steed, THE BATTLEPUG, as the travel the seeking revenge against every giant ridiculous animal they can find.

Wyoming to New York Pug RV Rescue Run

meeting the pups

Buckle up for a long winded tale of my trip from Wyoming to New York to bring 6 rescue dogs to their forever home!


pixel at airport
Pixel getting ready to fly

On May 27th I flew out to Wyoming with my pug Pixel, on her very first plane ride. We flew to Danielle, of Wyoming Pug Rescue, to take an RV trip from Wyoming to NY with Pixel, Alexis (more on her in a bit) and 4, soon to be 5 puppies, each being adopted and going to their forever homes!

Hold on, let me back up a bit! Let me start from the beginning! If you don’t know Danielle from Wyoming Pug Rescue you are missing out. One of the most generous people I have ever met, and any pug that comes into her care is going to have nothing spared to save them.

Where It Began

It began when Danielle rescued 3 dogs from a backyard breeder. Alexis, Lucy and Bruno. These dogs were being used over and over again as money making machines, no real care or love was given to them, so  she managed to get them from this “breeder”. What she didn’t know at the time was that Alexis (formerly known as Ruby) was pregnant. Since I speak to Danielle fairly regularly, I was getting updates on her progress. I slowly started to fall in love. A silver brindle female pug, she seemed like a unicorn. I’ve been a pug person for over 25 years, but I always only had one, so I hesitated, but the more I was privy to her story, the more I fell for her.

Danielle and I started planning. First I was going to come out to be there for the birth of Alexis’ pups, but she ended up giving birth earlier than expected, and we both missed the birth!

A little aside on the birth. Alexis had 7 puppies. Thats a huge liter for any dog, but one that was under nourished herself, it was an extremely difficult situation. The pups were all under nourished and extremely small. It was questionable about what would happen. I only was part of this from afar, and I was barely keeping it together, so being the ones there with these tiny creatures, I can only imagine all the emotions.

Unfortunately one pup didn’t make it. It was incredibly sad and scary for Danielle and her dad, but they REFUSED to lose any more. Danielle’s dad slept on the floor and fed the pups every 2 hours and warmed them up to make sure they survived. It was touch and go. At one point it wasn’t certain if any of the pups would make it. But thanks to these 2 angels, the remaining 6 pups all survived.

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program…

I’m going to interrupt here for an appeal for donations. No expense was spared for these pups, and there were more bills coming, so if you can donate to help recoup the costs you can just use the button below to send money via Paypal. The button goes directly to Wyoming Pug Rescue’s account.

Back On Track

Mama Alexis making sure I’m good to her babies

Now I can get back to the happy part of my tale. Since I was now committed to Alexis, Danielle turned her attention to finding the perfect homes for her pups. Two of the pups went to homes out near Danielle, and 4 homes were selected on the East Coast, so we decided that I would fly out and we would drive from Wyoming to New York in an RV with the 6 dogs!!

As soon as I got to Danielle’s house in Wyoming, I got a glass of wine and plopped myself down on the floor so I could play with the pups, Alexis and Dani’s other dogs. It was heaven!

This is Alexis making sure that I am good to her puppies. I think she accepted me because the puppies did.


So where did that 7th dog come from? Danielle was contacted about a 7 month old puppy that needed a new forever home, and so it was decided that we would stop in Michigan to get her since we were passing through there anyway.

Alexis’ 4 pups on the trip were David, Lander, Newt and Stevie. Two black (Lander & Stevie) and two white (David and Newt – formerly known as Tiny).

Well this is getting much longer than I planned! I haven’t even gotten to the actual trip yet!

The Deets

What was it like traveling in an RV with 7 dogs, 5 of which were puppies? Surprisingly easy! Alexis’ pups are such good puppies, and pretty quiet for puppies. They played, ate, pooped and peed! Since they were all still sleeping in a pen together, they all slept through the night, which was lucky for me because the pen was near my bed! haha

We pretty much drove all day, stopped for the evening to take care of the dogs and have dinner, wine, then sleep! It was a 4 day trip. The first night we stayed at a friend’s in Nebraska, the rest of the nights we spent in RV parks. Since Dani did all the driving (did you see the size of that THING??), I did all the cooking. I was also on poop/pee patrol throughout the journey.

The puppies took the trip in stride, they were happy to romp around in the RV and wear themselves out! Alexis had the hardest time with the trip, she hated the RV. The sounds scared her, and she spent most of the trip hidden under the table. It hurt my heart, but her pups would go and lay with her and comfort her. It was pretty darn sweet. Lander, especially, would go and rest with mama.

Phoebe was picked up on day 3 of our trip. She fit right in! She was happy to be playing with the pups! This little lady had had 4 homes and was only 7 months old. To know she would be getting an amazing FOREVER home now was just icing on this already very big cake!

We met some pug people along the way, with one woman giving us a donation for Wyoming Pug Rescue at a rest stop!

End Of The Road

Once we got to New York, we drove straight to a Pug Squadders home to leave the RV and the two humans and 7 dogs piled into my car to come to my Brooklyn apartment. We got back to my place at about 10pm, and adoptions were all scheduled for the next day.

Adoption day was one of those days that just fills up your entire heart. Seeing all the people come to get their new babies, watch them meet them for the first time, and see them fall in love is just an amazing experience. It was decided that Stevie, the baby that had the medical issues, would not go to her east coast forever home, but would instead stay with Dani to ensure she got the medical care and attention she needs to continue to recover from her issues. I can’t say I was at all upset to get to spend more time with her, she is ridiculously cute and a super smart and sassy girl – just how I like them!

A Final Appeal

To say that Dani went above and beyond for these pups and their lucky forever homes is an understatement. Stevie’s costs are ongoing, at least for a while. So if you can donate, any amount is welcome!

Pug Squad Veep
Mama to Pixel and Alexis
Nana NayNay to the pups

Giving Tuesday 2019

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a day created to encourage people to do good, to give, collaborate and celebrate generosity. Giving Tuesday has grown so much since 2012 that it is now considered the 3rd largest day for 501(c)3 nonprofits to receive donations. Giving Tuesday has grown to be much more than a day, it is now a season of celebrating and being thankful for the support received.

Pug Squad exists to help rescues relieve the pressure they face when they take in a pug in need. The bills can be insurmountable. By being able to donate to them through our mini grant program, we step in to help as we can. To do this, we need your help, we simply cannot do it without you.

While we will be running our own Giving Tuesday fundraiser, we hope you will create one of your own, so that those in your network can donate as well. You can start a fundraiser on Facebook, or you can start one through our donation page at Give Lively.

Here is how to start your own fundraisier at Give Lively.

Step 1: Click the button “I Want To Fundraise For This” on our Give Lively fundraiser.
Give Lively Start Your Own Fundriaser

Step 2: Fill our the form to create your fundraising page. If you already have a Give Lively account, click the button underneath the form to login.
Create your fundraising page

Step 3: Now you get to personalize your page. Add a short note as to why you support us, create a fundraising goal, add your own photo (or photo of your pugs). You can even personalize the main image, or include a video!
personalize your page

Step 4: Share your fundraiser!
share your fundraiser

If you don’t want to start your own fundraiser, but want to donate to us directly, you can donate by click the button below.
or you can text to donate with code: HELPTHEPUGS to 44-321

#givingpugsday #givingtuesday

How To Register At Our Auction Site

register for the auction

Registering on our auction site is super easy! Click on the button below, then just follow the steps below and you will be all set!

Step 1: Click ‘REGISTER AS A BIDDER’ – it’s in the blue bar right below the green bar. This will open up the form for Contact Details. Please fill out all the fields. Then click the ‘Next’ button at the end.

Step 2: Choose your password under ‘Account Details’. You will need to confirm the password, click the checkbox next to ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ then click ‘Next’.

Step 3: Leave the comments field empty, and click the yellow ‘Skip’ button that is between the ‘Back’ and ‘Next’ buttons.

Step 4: Enter your credit card details. You can skip this step, but since you cannot bid without entering a credit card, we highly recommend you enter it now so you are ready to go when you want to bid. Don’t worry, the site is fully secure. If you do enter your credit card details, click the ‘Next’ button. If you would rather wait, click the ‘Skip’ button.

Step 5: Review the information you have entered. Click the ‘Confirm Registration’ button to complete your registration.

That’s it, you are now registered. Easy, right?!