Pug Camp Registration Is Open!

I can’t believe it, but Pug Camp is officially open for early bird registration!

Pug Camp LaunchYou know that sensation when something feels like it is taking forever to happen, but at the same time it is happening super fast? THAT!

It’s been just over a month since the plan was really hatched, and it’s the response from all of you that has fueled the fire.

I’m going to touch on some of the details, but the Pug Camp website will have much more information.

The cost will be $160 per person for the entire weekend for those staying in the bunks.

The $160 includes dinner Friday night, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. You can also bring whatever food and beverage you like, including liquor.



Requirements to attend

– All dogs must be spayed or neutered
– All dogs must be up to date on shots or titers. A signed form from your vet is required. You will bring this with you to Pug Camp and hand it in when you are checked in. You will not be allowed to enter camp without it.
– A waiver must be signed. This will be an online form that you can sign electronically.
– There will be no smoking permitted anywhere at Pug Camp.
– Large dogs are permitted, but we are limiting the number.


Now on to the main reason we are creating Pug Camp: to raise money for pug rescues.

If you know one, are affiliated with one, run one, or just want to raise money for one, fill out the Rescue Event Selection form. Keep in mind that once you sign up for an event, you are committed to organizing that event. That includes any supplies the event might need as well as collecting whatever fee you decide on.

We are also implementing a Sponsor A Rescue program. Rescue volunteers work so hard to help their dogs, often spending a ton of their own money. This means that they most likely won’t have the money to attend Pug Camp. If they don’t attend, they can’t raise money, so we are allowing people to sponsor them and pay for them to attend.

We are also allowing vendors. Year one, this will be on a very limited basis. We will be limiting vendors to one per category. So, if you sell dog treats and someone else that sells dog treats registers and reserves their spot ahead of you, then unfortunately, you would not be able to be a vendor this year. We’ll post the categories on the website as they fill up. Vendor fees will be $50 plus a raffle donation of $30+ value.

Oh, that reminds me. Since the weekend is all about helping pug rescues, everybody that attends Pug Camp is required to bring a raffle donation of $20+ value. You will be able to choose a pug rescue that your item’s proceeds will go to. This will be done when you check in at Pug Camp.

All of us at Pug Squad couldn’t be more excited about Pug Camp!

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