Featured Rescue: Tiny Paws Pug Rescue

Featured Rescue Tiny Paws
Peanut the pug visits the vet to help with his diabetes

When we heard about Tiny Paws Pug Rescue, we knew they had to be the recipient of our first fundraiser of 2017. Tiny Paws is a brand new rescue, filling a gap in pug rescue coverage along the central coast of California. They have already rescued six pugs so far this year, including Peanut, an eight-year-old boy who needed immediate and costly medical care for his diabetes and a dental procedure. We’re so glad Tiny Paws saw a need in their community and stepped up to meet it.

Tiny Paws’ Executive Director, Kim Smith, tells us why their rescue is unique and how the pug community can get involved to help a new rescue succeed.

An Interview with Tiny Paws

What makes your rescue unique?
We focus on rescuing pugs. Our team of volunteers have a great depth of experience, and we are fortunate to have a deep bench of foster homes throughout California. We were a part of Central Coast Pug Rescue prior to CCPR joining with Los Angeles based rescue, Pug Nation. The merger left the coast of California from King City to San Francisco without support for pugs. We rescue pugs and support owners who, due to no fault of their own, need to surrender their family pet. We are a 501(3)(c) and depend solely on donations to run our organization.

What’s one of your greatest success stories?
Our greatest success story to date is Peanut, a male pug/beagle mix. We were called after a local rescue picked him up from the shelter in San Jose. He was lying in urine and appeared to be blind. The rescue was going to return him to the shelter as they could not care for a blind dog. We took Peanut in. Within 12 hours after a visit with an eye specialist and veterinarian, we admitted him to the ICU for uncontrolled diabetes. Who knew?

Thank goodness Peanut is now under the care of an amazing doctor, and we are checking him every few days to check his insulin levels. He isn’t ready for adoption yet as he is still being stabilized. But, what an amazing dog! All he needed was medical care and some TLC. He is a beautiful spirit, and everyone in the hospital fell in love with him. Once stabilized, we will look for a forever home for him.

What is the biggest challenge your rescue faces?
Our biggest challenge is fundraising. We are 100% dependent on the kindness of others and great organizations that support us, like Pug Squad. We are sincerely grateful.

What is one thing you want people to know about animal rescue?
If you cannot donate funds, donate bowls or beds or your time. We would love to have you. Rescue heals everyone—not just the dog you are rescuing, but you. I never realized that until I fostered my first dog.

What do you love about volunteering for a rescue?
I love having the ability to help a troubled dog, normalize him and help him feel loved, and prepare him for his forever home.

How can people help your rescue or the rescue community overall?
People interested in helping can donate on our site, or you can volunteer to transport pugs, become a foster parent, or help us plan a fundraising event. If you’re in our area, email me to get involved!

Helping Tiny Paws

Emoji Bow Tie Fundraiser
Wellington the pug models the emoji bow tie

Tiny Paws Pug Rescue was our the recipient of our very first Pug Squad Emergency Fund donation, and our first online fundraiser of the year. Thanks to our friends at Curly Tail Ties and Pugnacious Gifts, our pug emoji bow ties sold out in less than a day! In total, we were able to send $1,900 to help Tiny Paws with Peanut’s vet bills and ongoing medical care.

Thanks to everyone who bought a bow tie or donated to help us answer this Pug Squad SOS! Peanut still needs daily medical care. Donations can be made directly to Tiny Paws to help Peanut through their Facebook page.


We are looking for more 501(c)(3) pug rescues to feature on our blog and help throughout the year! If you’d like to be featured, fill out our questionnaire.