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How To Register At Our Auction Site

register for the auction

Registering on our auction site is super easy! Click on the button below, then just follow the steps below and you will be all set!

Step 1: Click ‘REGISTER AS A BIDDER’ – it’s in the blue bar right below the green bar. This will open up the form for Contact Details. Please fill out all the fields. Then click the ‘Next’ button at the end.

Step 2: Choose your password under ‘Account Details’. You will need to confirm the password, click the checkbox next to ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ then click ‘Next’.

Step 3: Leave the comments field empty, and click the yellow ‘Skip’ button that is between the ‘Back’ and ‘Next’ buttons.

Step 4: Enter your credit card details. You can skip this step, but since you cannot bid without entering a credit card, we highly recommend you enter it now so you are ready to go when you want to bid. Don’t worry, the site is fully secure. If you do enter your credit card details, click the ‘Next’ button. If you would rather wait, click the ‘Skip’ button.

Step 5: Review the information you have entered. Click the ‘Confirm Registration’ button to complete your registration.

That’s it, you are now registered. Easy, right?!