Happy National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day, a day to honor our best four-legged friends! We celebrate pugs of all shapes and sizes.  We celebrate working pugs, rescue pugs, and napping pugs alike. To help you celebrate National Dog Day, here are 9 ways you can celebrate with your pup.

1. Donate to animal welfare organizations in Louisiana
After the devastating floods that hit Louisiana, many rescues made their way to Baton Rouge to offer aid to those affected. Groups like Pet ResQ and Louisiana State Animal Response Team are on the ground rescuing pets and offering shelter to family pets that were left behind. With your financial support, the animal welfare organizations can offer aid and shelter to animals affected by the flood.

2. Teach your dog a new trick
Nothing is more rewarding than when your furry best friend learns a new trick or command. Pups love seeing their humans smile almost as much as they love a great treat! A simple sit and stay will do… or the “stand there and do nothing” is the easiest thing to teach a stubborn pug!

Inky loves exploring Central Park in NYC

3. Volunteer at your local shelter.
Many shelters are at max capacity and the staff appreciate all the help they can get! By offering your time, you’re giving dogs an opportunity to socialize and enjoy some fresh air. The more a dog (or cat) can socialize, the easier is it for them to find their forever family. Other helpful tasks include outreach at adoption events, transport for local rescues, and sometimes administrative duties.

4. Take your dog to the beach or park!

Fall may be around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to hit the beach or enjoy a picnic in the park. The fresh air and sunshine are not only beneficial to your health, but it’s great for your dog too. Be mindful and don’t be out too long without breaks in the shade and remember to bring plenty of water!


5. Show off your pride with some Pug Squad merchandise!
Show off your pug pride in our new merchandise. Bonus if you get matching outfits with your best furry friend or if your grumble has coordinating Pug Squad outfits!

Marshie enjoys a spa day
National Dog Day is a perfect reason for a Spa Day

6. Spoil your pup to a special spa day.
Pugs come from a long line of royalty, so it is very fitting that they celebrate National Dog Day with a spa day. Just make sure the spa day does not include a bath because bath time is not a way to honor a pug!

7. Open your home
Today, many local shelters are filled with adoptable dogs looking for their forever home. Looking for a specific breed (like a pug)? Your family hoping to adopt a senior or only want a younger dog? Search Petfinder to find a breed-specific rescue or find available pups in your area! Everyone deserves the chance to love unconditionally!

Don’t think you’re ready to adopt, but interested in fostering? Check out the Foster Manual from our friends at Foster Dogs NYC or contact us! We will be happy to point you in the right direction! If you can open your home and heart to fostering or adopting, we promise it’s a decision you won’t regret!


Tex and Phoebe save a little Puppuccinos for later
Tex and Phoebe save some of their Puppuccino for later

8. Treat your pup to a special National Dog Day treat
Many of your favorite spots offer special treats for dogs. Fan favorites include:
– Shake Shack’s Poochini
– Starbuck’s Puppachino
– By Chloe’s or Sprinkles Pupcakes

If you’re looking to whip up a healthy addition to their meals or homemade snack, we’ve got you covered! Do you have a favorite dog-friendly snack? Where is your dog’s favorite place to grab a treat? Let us know in the comments below!



Cuddle Time is the Best Time!
Every pug (and dog) loves a quality cuddle session

9. Enjoy quality cuddle time
A simple cuddle goes a long way. If you were looking for a reason to stay in and binge Stranger Things, a National Dog Day cuddle is the perfect excuse. Bonus if you’re in a Pug Squad shirt during cuddle time!

No matter how you celebrate, we want to see! Share your photos and videos and tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!