Join the Pug Squad Auction for Marco

Pug Squad auction Marco

Our First Pug Squad Auction

The Pug Squad auction for Marco started with a group of friends who came together because they wanted to help pugs. Friends from different states and countries who believe we need love, compassion and hope not only at home but everywhere.

Through two months of brainstorming and hard work (and lots of snackies, of course) our volunteers created Pug Squad and the Pug Squad Fundraising Group. With over 10 years of combined experience in rescue, we knew one of the major factors that dictate whether a rescue can take in a pug is money. Most times pugs come in to rescue with multiple health issues that must be addressed before they can find their forever homes. Vet bills can easily rise to thousands of dollars for one pug alone, and because of this, many rescues must close their intake.

One of the wonderful things about social media is the ability to connect people from other cities, states and countries. Social media has become an online global meeting place of people who want to help pugs and support pug rescues. Facebook is an amazing example that love and compassion shouldn’t be confined only to your backyard–that love is borderless, and we are all neighbors in this life.

Pug Squad auction items Marco The ability to raise funds on Facebook with auctions is an incredible tool for animal rescues and fundraising groups. Through the generosity of people who donate items and bid on them, we can raise money for rescues that have overwhelming vet bills.

Helping Marco

Our first Pug Squad auction started today for a sweet 4-month-old puggle puppy named Marco. Ollie’s Angel Animal Rescue is rescuing him and his brother, but they can’t do it yet. Marco needs surgery in both eyes, a procedure that will cost Ollie’s Angels $1,200.

Since this is our first auction, there were a lot of uncertainties. Would people join the fundraiser group? Would they donate items and bid on them? Well, they joined, and they are bidding! 

We cannot express how overcome with emotion and gratitude we are that people are donating items so generously. People donated locally harvested honey, homemade vegan caramel sauce, mugs, dog sweaters, pug beach blankets, and so much more. The desire to help pugs is strong everywhere.

For anyone out there who wants to help rescues but doesn’t know how or what they can do, auctions are a great (and easy) place to start. Please join our Facebook group Pug Squad Fundraising to donate, bid, and spread the word. Help us get Marco the surgery he needs!