Featured Rescue: Pug Partners of Nebraska

ThFeatured Rescue Pug Partners of Nebraskais month’s featured rescue, Pug Partners of Nebraska (PPN), got its start in 2008 after founder, Jessica Kamish, rescued her first puppy mill pug, Lily, from Midwest Pug Rescue. PPN filled an immediate need in Nebraska and Iowa, and since 2009 they have rescued more than 500 pugs. Since many of PPN’s rescues are from puppy mills., they also work to educate the community about the importance of rescue and adoption. Their service area is a big one—covering Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri.

An Interview with Pug Partners of Nebraska President, Kristi Jacobs

What makes your rescue unique?
Our rescue is dedicated to rescuing pugs, but also going above and beyond to make sure they are as healthy as possible before adoption.

How many pugs/dogs do you rescue each year?

What’s one of your greatest success stories?
There are so many. I’d have to say one of the best successes for this past year is being able to help multiple puppy mill dogs have a better life. One pug, CeCe, came into our rescue as a 7-year-old puppy mill survivor. Surprisingly, she was pregnant with five puppies. Those puppies were all born and raised in a loving environment and have been adopted to wonderful homes.

What is the biggest challenge your rescue faces?
Funds! Rising costs of veterinary services make it necessary for us to do a lot of fundraising throughout the year.

What is one thing you want people to know about animal rescue?
Animal rescue is a selfless endeavor that takes many, many volunteers and like-minded individuals to pull off. The successes are wonderful, and the opposite can be so very sad. But it’s definitely worth every minute. I love volunteering because it’s absolutely necessary for us to all come together in order to help defenseless animals. The happy families we see, as well as the happy pugs, are the best!

How can people help your rescue or the rescue community overall?
We have a volunteer application online. We always need volunteers for transport, fostering, fundraising, etc.

Featured Rescue Pug Partners of Nebraska
4 year-old cutie, Midge, is available for adoption through PPN

Get Involved with PPN

If you’re in PPN’s service area, consider getting involved as a volunteer, making a donation to support their efforts, or purchasing an item from their Amazon wish list. You can even sponsor one of their foster pugs.

If you’re in their service area, check out their adoptable pugs, like Midge!




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