Countdown to Pug Camp 2021!

Just like that, we’re less than six months away from Pug Camp. We’re still seeing events being cancelled this year due to the ongoing concerns about COVID-19. Those events, as much as we love them, tend to be in closer quarters. That makes it much more difficult to be socially distant. Pugapalooza, for example, is a compact event, tending to be crowded in the confines of Wonder Bar as people mill about with their pugs and go from table to table. Or inside for food and Rum Buckets (man, I miss Rum Buckets). Sadly, Pugapalooza is suffering another cancellation this year, but we’re hopeful for a return in 2022 with a bigger celebration than ever.

Fear not, Pug Camp 2021 is on!

Pixel cannot wait!

Pug Camp 2020 was an incredible success. Because it is primarily an outdoor event spanning the entirety of Camp Westmont, we were able to keep socially distant more easily and masked up when indoors. As I previously, and proudly, reported, we broke fund raising records right smack in the middle of the pandemic. People were so incredibly happy to get out and do something and the Pug Rescue community has a reputation for being extremely generous. We also had a very high number of first-time attendees, people who were so thrilled to be there and had such a good time, they are looking forward to coming again this year.

To say I’m eagerly looking forward to this year’s event is an understatement. We’ve all been through a lot since August and this will be the getaway we’ve been waiting for – as always. We’re going to have the extra day again this year since it worked out so well last time. We will have the entire camp to ourselves agin, so we can really spread out and relax. Registration opened this week and the response has – once again – broken records. All of the Private Cabins sold out in just a few hours. However, there are plenty of bunks available, so please keep registering.

We are still planning the events, but the favorites will all be there: the Meet and Greet, Movie Night, the Costume Contest and Pug Olympics will all be held, as will the auction and candle lighting ceremony, which will be very hard this year. Don’t mind me, I’ll be the drunk guy sobbing while trying to talk.

“I broke his spirit and his body!”

I have to say, I’m looking forward to getting away, seeing all of my rescue friends, and spending time at the lake. Hopefully, the weather will allow us a good-sized bonfire for s’mores and laughter. Jodi and I don’t do a lot of traveling, so this is our yearly getaway. Spending it with people I consider family really elevates the experience. I joke among the Pug Squad board members that we should do it for a full week. I get all sorts of crap flung at me because the amount of work and effort will probably kill us, but man, the weekend goes far too quickly. What’s crazy is that this is going to be year five already, our fourth at Camp Westmont. Let that sink in for a second: YEAR FIVE! What started as a “hey, you know what might be fun” idea has blossomed into a major event that just keeps on growing. Everyone seems to have a really good time and there are few, if any, personality issues.

Pug Camp is a labor of love by all of us and we’re always so gratified when we have such a tremendous response. Every year we drive home on a high, closing out an event that is filled with people who love a good time, love to raise money and, most of all, who love Pugs.

Click the link to register. I can’t wait to see you all there.

Butkus cannot contain his excitement

Also, please remember, we’re still actively raising money to help bring the China Pugs over. Please consider donating at our simple website to alleviate that burden. So many rescues are involved, but they need your help. You can also sponsor a pug through the Freedom Flight fundraiser. Please help out any way that you can. If you can’t donate, spread the word! It’s too big a job for one person or rescue. Please follow us on all of our social media platforms to keep up with all of the raffles and fundraising opportunities. Thank you so much! Love to you all!