10 Gifts For the Pug Lover in your Life

The holidays are just around the corner, so we put together a list of some of our favorite gifts for pug lovers. These all get two paws up!

1. My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Super cute mini wireless pug speaker that gives out big sound. Small, but powerful, like a pug!

Pug Speaker

$24.99 from Amazon.

2. Pug Slippers

Cute and comfortable slip-on pug slippers.

Pug Slipper

$22 from Asos.

3. Kitan Club’s Putittio Series Pug Dog Blindbox Figure

One pug per box. They come in fawn, black, and white!

Pug Figures

$8 from Urban Outfitters.

4. Dog-A-Day Dessert Plate

A pug on a plate!

Pug Plate

$14 from Anthropologie.

5. Curly Tail Coffee

Delicious home brewed coffee. $1 from every bag sold goes to rescue, and Pug Squad is the designated rescue for November and December!

Curly Tail Coffee

$12 from Etsy.

6. Women’s “Ugly” Christmas Pug Pullover

Umm what’s ugly about this sweater? NOTHING!

Pug Sweater

$39.99 from Target.

7. Fawn Pugs Cosmic Leggings

Pugs in Space!

Pug Leggings

$74.95 from Pugnacious Gifts.

8. Pug Life Dog Sock Bundle

Live the pug life from head to toe.

Pug Socks

$20 from BarkShop.

9. Sequin Pug Crossbody Purse

Shimmer and shine with this pug purse.

Pug Purse

$12.90 from Forever 21.

10. Pug Stressball

For all those times when your pug isn’t around and it’s time to unwind…. grab a pug stressball!

Pug Stressball

$12 from TopShop.