Winter Coats For The Pug

The pug body is like no other—broad chest, skinny legs, thick body (some thicker than others). We pug lovers know that they can be notoriously hard to fit. This is never more true than with winter gear. So, I thought I would share some of the winter coats recommended by pug people. Most are made specifically for pug bodies, or they have special sizing for the broad-chested dogs among us.

If you have a coat you like, feel free to leave the information in the comments. We are always happy to expand our pug wardrobes!

Pug Snuggly

Pug Snuggly® brand coats are designed to complement and accommodate the pug’s unique square body structure. The coats are handmade using only the highest quality materials and workmanship. Their coats are designed for comfort, fit, and durability.
Price: $56


Keep your pug warm and dry in cold weather with a K9 Apparel Winter Coat. An outer shell of Ultrex fabric provides a waterproof, windproof covering for your dog. Lined with soft, durable Polartec® polar fleece, this winter coat keeps your dog warm and comfortable on walks when the temperature drops to 40° F or below. Combine with the Pug Tummy Warmer for extra warmth. Their breed-specific design is fitted to the unique physique of a pug, providing maximum coverage and comfort for your dog.
Price: $73 – $93


Quilted Vest with Berber Fleece
Wagwear’s most popular jacket is now available with a Berber Fleece lining and a harness hole. It’s made from a quilted water-resistant nylon exterior.
Price: $65 – $85

Love Thy Beast

Waxed Canvas Jacket with Fleece Lining*
Love Thy Beast’s waxed jackets are ideal for those rainy, windy, and snowy days. The waxed cotton blocks the wind and rain while the fleece lining keeps our pets cozy and warm. Each jacket features a contrast trimming detail, Velcro chest, and belly closure for easy on/off. Ideal for the larger-chested pups of the world. It comes in five colors and seven sizes.
Price: $65

Canada Pooch

Since 2011, Canada Pooch has been designing fashionable and functional dog coats and accessories. Located in Toronto, Canada their high quality apparel and accessories will keep your dog protected in the bustling streets of the concrete jungle or crisp winter mornings at the cottage. Designed by dog owners and dog lovers, they never use any animal-derived materials like down, fur, or leather.
Price: $39.99 – $69.99


Gooby Fashion Quilted Bomber Dog Vests (with a stretchable chest) come in different colors for a stylish look. This vest is ideal for cold and rainy weather. It’s water resistant on the outer layer and soft and warm on the inner layer. Made with contractible and expandable fabric, the Gooby Fashion Bomber Vest can fit various sizes with comfort. Two D-Rings on the back create a harness function and give additional support when walking your dog. The button on the top makes it even easier to put on the jacket. It’s also machine washable.
Price: $33

Wag The Nub

Handmade and custom fitted to hug every curve of your French bulldog or pug without pulling or bunching. Made-in-America, recycled double velour Polartec® fleece. The neck can be rolled down into a turtleneck, kept relaxed, or pulled up over the ears.
Price: $39 – $41

Fido Fleece

Fido Fleece Dog Coats are durable, fashion-forward coats that feature custom fabrics and patterns that make sure every dog is super stylish! They come in many different colors and designs. They also come in special sizes for broad-chested dogs. Just look for the sizes marked with a BC!
Available from many merchants.
Price: varies, about $35

I’m hoping to continue this winter wear series and cover foot protection next. If you have booties or a product you recommend, let us know!

Pixel’s mom

*Photo courtesy of LoveThyBeast, Brooklyn, New York 2017