Helping Bella at #PugsTakeNYC

Last month, we learned about a six-year-old pug named Bella. Against many odds, Bella has a spirit so fierce and inspiring, we were moved to help her. Bella is in the loving and capable hands of one of our rescue partners, Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles. She’s awaiting major surgery to remove her two front legs and will need ongoing care and rehabilitation. Our PugsTakeNYC raffle for Bella will help her get the surgery she needs.

Bella’s Story

Bella from Pug Nation Rescue of LA
Bella from Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles needs our help

Bella was brought to her vet last October due to a fractured left elbow. The fracture was surgically reduced and corrected, and her owners had strict orders on how to care for her. Inexplicably, they were not compliant with instructions, and Bella re-fractured her elbow and had to endure surgery once again. Again, her owners did not properly care for her, and somehow she fractured her right elbow as well.

The vet insisted on keeping Bella to see if her fractures would heal properly. The surgeon suggested double amputation as her condition was painful, and her little hanging limbs were serving no function. Thankfully, after Bella lived at that vet’s office for nine months, the owners agreed to sign her over to them, and they subsequently surrendered her to Pug Nation.

While this story is heart-breaking, we are all inspired by Bella’s amazing spirit and will to survive—and thrive—despite her humans failing her. She is already making up for lost time with an amazing pug mommy, but she still needs surgery so she no longer has to deal with the pain her broken limbs surely cause her. Already Bella has a special harnesses to protect her underside, and after she heals from surgery, Pug Nation will explore options for making her more mobile.

PugsTakeNYC Raffle for Bella

We’re partnering with celebripugs @hamiltonpug, @violet_pug, @otisthepugwalsh, @finnpug, and @boogiethepug to host a raffle at the #PugsTakeNYC Halloween in September event next weekend. All proceeds from the raffle will go to Pug Nation for Bella’s surgery and ongoing care.

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We also have a handmade quilt from the @pugdashians and a pair of US Open tickets!




If you don’t live in NYC or you can’t attend the event, you can still help sweet Bella. Here are a few ways to show your support:

  1. Make a donation directly to Pug Nation.
  2. Share this post so more people can read Bella’s story and find out about the #PugsTakeNYC event.
  3. Visit Pug Nation’s YouCaring page to learn more about Bella and get updates.