Pug Camp Year Five!

Time, amirite? We flew through the height of the pandemic, we then spent months focused on the China Pugs…now we find ourselves only a month away from Pug Camp 2021! That’s insane. Well, no worries, we are right on course. We have all the events lined up and this year is gonna be packed with activities.

Last year, we were just hoping to have a good time and maybe have a decent showing. We were all still reeling from the Covid-19 outbreak, the other cancelled events and making sure we were keeping as safe as possible. We considered ourselves lucky to be able to even hold the event at all. So many others great Pug events had to cancel, but we held steady and thankfully, we were able to go forward. Pug Camp 2020 was an incredibly good time. Everyone was just so happy to get out and get together, and even with attendance down, we broke fundraising records.

We are hoping to do even better in year five.

Let that sink in a sec….

This is Pug Camp YEAR FIVE! Our fourth at Camp Westmont and they love having all of us as much as we love being there.

So, what’s on tap this year? Well, like last year, we’re adding on Thursday for people who want an extra day. That worked out really well, not only for attendees, but for us on the Squad. There was more time to set up and get situated so when everyone started checking in, it ran very smoothly. That first night will have a live sale and Board Game night. Friday, again for the early arrivals, we’ll have Red Light, Green Light and Paint by Numbers in

between Breakfast and Lunch. Then the Friday arrivals check in and the weekend officially begins!

Raffles, a barbecue, s’mores by the campfire, movie night, Doga with Danielle, a click training session, Pug Olympics, the Costume Contest, Crafting, a “Fashion Forward” fashion show, Team Pictionary and, of course,  the Candle Lighting Ceremony (this is gonna be a tough one). There will be free time to enjoy the lake and the pool. You can grab a kayak and row for awhile, take pictures by the water on the colorful Adirondack chairs, go to every event or go to none of them! Just enjoy the pugs and the peeps and have an amazing weekend in the mountains.

Shoot on over to the website for the official rundown of the events and times. 

I’m not one for taking a lot of trips. You won’t see me on a beach near the equator, along the canals of Venice or hiking in the Andes. Most of the trips are day runs, maybe heading a few hours North to hit a dog friendly winery or brewery. So this is generally my vacation. A working vacation, to be sure, but a trip I look forward to every year. We’re hopeful the weather holds out and we have clear skies. However, even with uncooperative weather, we always have fun.

It’s not too late to sign up. We still have bunks (the private bunks are long sold out) and plenty of room. Come on down and join us as we celebrate five years of sleepaway fun, mimosa’s and s’mores!

Go to our Pug Camp website to register if you haven’t already!

See you at the lake!