Featured Rescue: Pug Rescue of Austin

Our Featured Rescue of the Month is Pug Rescue of Austin. Based out of Texas, they service Austin and San Antonio, Texas – although they do sometimes venture out further on a case by case basis. They have rescued a total of 156 dogs in 2017, including a total of 25 puppies. In addition, they adopted out 162 dogs in 2017. They are entirely volunteer based and donations and grants made to the rescue go directly to needy pugs.

David Norris, one of the Board of Directors and the Marketing Director, says what sets his rescue apart from some others “is that even though we are the Pug Rescue of Austin, we rescue pug mixes and also operate in many other parts of Texas for the intake/rescue part of our organization.”

What success story best represents Pug Rescue of Austin?

Victor“I feel the strongest representation of what [we do],” David said, “is a recently adopted senior. His name is Victor, and he’s the most calm, trusting and loving dog you could meet. At age 10, we knew taking him in would be tricky in regard to landing him a forever home, but we save all the dogs we can throughout the year. 

“It wasn’t until January of this year that he finally got the forever home he deserved. It took him 5 long months to get that home! I know there are a few factors that can land these wonderful wallflower seniors a home and it’s a mixture of updating their images often online, taking them to adoption events to show them of and more.”

Asked if Victor was settling into his new home, David shared this from his new mom:

“Victor is amazing. He’s just a cuddle bug. I couldn’t have chosen a better dog. It keeps snowing in KC, so I hope we get to go to the dog park soon. We’ve just been taking walks around the neighborhood for now. He’s eating well and loves sleeping and being pet. I pet him so much [that] I’m surprised he still has hair.” 


But the success stories don’t end there…

Marta, a young black pug, is one that David considers one of Pug Rescue of Austin’s greatest success stories. Marta was found battered and left for dead in a Wal-Mart parking lot. “It’s assumed she was harmed by other stray dogs,” David said. “She had to have intensive surgery” which included the removal of both eyes. However, that didn’t impede her recovery one iota. She fully adapted to her blindness and was adopted by a former Pug Rescue board member. “Marta is living the good life now, and we are so proud.”


What are the biggest challenges facing your rescue?

One of the biggest challenges is financing the medical care. “We are always at the mercy of pugs being an expensive breed to care for,” David said. “We always need more money so we can rescue more and more pugs and pug mixes each year. We are not short on volunteers or passion. “

Currently, they are caring for Dex, a one-year old stray who was found in very bad shape. Initial donations from the public have helped him start him on the road to recovery and the plush life he always deserved. As of this writing, the fundraiser to cover mounting costs of Dex’s medication and a heart specialist to treat his murmur is ongoing. Please donate if you can to finance@pugrescueaustin.com.


Adopt A Senior

One thing David wants people to know about animal rescue is that, as per usual for our line of work, Pug Rescue of Austin has many senior pugs up for adoption, David said. “Many of these seniors have non-extraordinary histories and were simply surrendered because of their age and no fault of their own. I’d like people to consider opening their home to one of these seniors after researching the time needs, care and costs of senior animals.”

“[I love] when that special needs and/or senior pug that’s been with us for over a year gets adopted. It never gets old. That is the feeling that keeps me going.”


Help Pug Rescue of Austin

Pug Rescue of Austin is a dedicated and hardworking rescue that we are proud to have as our Featured Rescue. Please consider donating or simply spreading the word about what they do. They are also looking for motivated volunteers to help with events and other important tasks, especially a dedicated grant writer.

For more information, browse their website – and see some amazing pictures!

We are always looking for new pug rescues to collaborate with. Learn about how we can help, and fill out our short online application to request financial assistance through a Pug Squad mini grant or event.