About Pug Squad

Scott McIntyre


Scott became involved in pug rescue thanks to his wife and fellow Pug Squad Co-Founder, Jodi. After adding a senior pug to their growing grumble, Jodi began volunteering for Curly Tail Pug Rescue. Her volunteer work spilled over onto Scott, who quickly became a “rescue husband.” Over time, he would assist in fostering and representing the rescue at events, such as the Milwaukee Pug Fest, assorted fundraisers, and various New York City meet-ups. All the while, he was making connections and forming friendships with the people who would eventually form Pug Squad. As a Co-Founder and Board President, Scott is looking forward to bringing his years of experience to provide guidance, leadership, and strategic direction to Pug Squad.

Scott and Jodi have had eleven pugs of their own, mostly rescues, with their current grumble now at one pug, Phoebe and Honorary Pug Mugsy. Outside Pug Rescue, Scott is an Area Supervisor at MRO Corp. He dedicates all of his rescue work to the late but unforgettable Owen; Scott’s BFF and honorary “Also Prez” of the Squad. Dadums misses you every day…

Jodi McIntyre

Founding Member

Jodi’s love of pugs started 20 years ago when her son brought home her first pug, Alexis. She quickly won Jodi and her husband, Scott, over. So much so that when her son told them he was moving out, Jodi’s first comment was “fine, but Alexis is staying.” Since then, their pug (and honorary pugs) family has grown significantly, and they have been owned by 11 pugs, a Shih Tzu, and a Chihuahua mix over the years! Today, their grumble is a lot smaller and consists of Phoebe (a Wyoming Pug Rescue Alum) and Mugsy (who is not a CHUG but we love him anyway).

Jodi started dabbling in volunteer work in 2007, shortly after they rescued their first pug, Mr. Neumacks. A few years later, Jodi and Scott began fostering, and Jodi became a regular pug rescue volunteer and official Crazy Pug Lady.

Over the years, Jodi has volunteered with several pug rescue groups, taking on diverse roles including transport, long-term and emergency fostering, fundraising, and shelter pulls. Most notably,  Jodi served as Adoption Coordinator at Curly Tail Pug Rescue for three years, helping hundreds of pugs find loving forever homes! As a Co-Founder of Pug Squad, Jodi is excited about the next phase of her rescue adventure and looks forward to helping raise awareness and funds for pugs in need.

When she’s not volunteering, Jodi works as an IT professional, and avid crafter, who loves nothing more than imparting her love of pugs on to her three grandchildren, Gianna, Andrew, and Adriana.

Danielle Perry


A Hudson Valley native, Danielle has been a proud pug mama since 2006. Upon looking into opportunities she started volunteering with a NYC based rescue. Close friendships and connections blossomed from the rescue and laid the groundwork for the birth of Pug Squad. Danielle also volunteered in numerous facets for S.N.O.R.T. Rescue for several years.

Her passion for rescue work has only grown, but as she says, ‘Rescue fills our hearts, not our wallets.’ So she also has a long background in property management, both residential and commercial. Danielle is also our resident yoga instructor, teaching a few times per week at a local power yoga studio and a fun-filled flow class to kick off Saturday morning every year at Pug Camp!

Danielle is mom to TaterTot, a former Amish puppy mill stud and Foster-Win / Best Boy EVER Frenchie, (Hot Mess) Moira, a former backyard breeder and Wyoming Pug Rescue Alum and Lilah, a former medical case (terribly irresponsibly bred for funky coloring genetic disaster) frenchie who decided to stay after nearly a year in foster care. Bella, her soul-pug and reason for so many things including involvement in rescue, sadly went to the Rainbow Bridge in April of 2020.

As a founding member on the Board of Directors, CFO/Treasurer and the transport coordinator of Pug Squad, Danielle is thrilled to continue the work that brought us all together and bonded us in the first place, helping pugs in need!

Renee Klenert


Renee’s love of pugs started at the young age of 12 years old and she vowed that someday she would have a pug in her life. That dream came true in 2009, when she and her now-husband Stephen, began volunteering for a local NYC-based rescue. They quickly foster failed and adopted Pumpkin, the pug who started it all. The Klenert family subsequently welcomed many foster pugs into their home, a stop along the way in their journey to find forever families. Since then, Renee’s parents and sister witnessed the power of pug love firsthand and adopted two pugs and a puggle. Family gatherings have never been more fun!

She is currently the adoptive mom of two sweet and comical rescue pugs, Maple Bacon and Rosebud. When she is not supervising pug shenanigans, you can find Renee working on design projects, tackling new entrepreneurial ventures, or tinkering on DIY/craft ideas.

After volunteering as a foster mom for several years, Renee was thrilled to join Pug Squad and continue lending a hand to support pug rescues. This volunteer work has been an important part of her life for the last 13 years and served as the foundation for many close friendships. Renee feels extremely honored and excited to be joining Pug Squad’s Board of Directors and looks forward to working with an amazing group of volunteers to raise funds and awareness for pugs in need.

Marianne Angelini

In Memoriam

Raised in Brooklyn before moving to Staten Island, Marianne got bitten by the Pug Bug in 1994 when her first pug, a male named Bandit, made his way into her life and heart. Years later, a co-worker put her in touch with a local pug rescue, and she adopted pug, Tammy. Soon after, she began volunteering with the same rescue, playing a key role on the adoptions team by managing adoption inquiries, doing local home visits, and hosting adoptions. After Tammy passed away, she adopted Bentley, a loveable tank, followed by David Rose in July of 2021.

Marianne was an Executive Assistant at the law firm of Davis Polk & Wardwell for decades and served as a Board member in the capacity of secretary for the condominium association where she lived.

As one of Pug Squad’s Co-Founders, Volunteer Coordinator, and a member of the Board of Directors, she was thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working with this amazing and talented group of people.

Marianne passed away on October 21, 2021 after nearly a year long battle with cancer.  In addition to Bentley and David, she leaves behind her loving daughter, Nikki, who volunteers with the Squad. Mare’s loss creates a huge hole in our family and we continue to love and miss her every day. Her contributions to Pug Rescue will never be forgotten.